Apr 24, 2013

A Slow Exit (He is Going to Die)

NEW  Script now available as softcover book
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15x23cm, 138 pages, 9 b&w ill.
ISBN 978-0-9578173-1-9
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Photo: David Roberts, Simon Hughes and Sioban Tuke in the play's first performance, Grant Street Theatre, Melbourne, 1987.

A Slow Exit (He is going to Die)
a play in two acts for five performers
Jeffrey Fereday

Five seasoned actors emerge from a maelstrom of discarded theatre sets, costumes and props.

The actors preen themselves shamelessly and snack furtively. They cast insults and quarrel. From time to time they strike-up impromptu performances with poorly recalled fragments of Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Bizet, Brecht, Chekhov, Ionesco, Pinter, Miller, Warhol, Williams, Wilde, Wilder, TV soaps . . . They experiment with the acting methods of Stanislavsky, Strasberg . . . and the movement styles of Delsarte, Laban . . . The dramas that ensue are strangely fascinating and frequently hilarious.

But their parodies take an existential turn as they gradually awaken to their predicament.

In this theatre of ruins, the performers are not lost for words but lost for meaning.